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Welcome ! Social Vibes Event Space offers an experience like no other. We offer two suites to choose from at the same location  and  an outdoor area in the Spring- Fall months! Any occasion, event , or party you have in mind; Social Vibes Event Space can turn it  into a reality.

Vibe 1 (Suite 1)

Provides an all white canvas to match any theme or color and a grass wall backdrop!

SUITE B 2.jpg

Vibe 2 (Suite 2)

Provides an all white canvas with black trim, black ceiling and a larger space! Also comes with a black flower wall backdrop!


Social Vibes offers a wedding experience like no other ! Choose if you would like to celebrate everything in one room , both rooms, or both rooms and the outdoor area!

wedding 4545.jpg

Outside Area

Perfect for outdoor parties, games, bounce house, and much more!

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